These features are the requested ones from many Time Punch users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

It would really be nice to be able to pause a time clock entry

Just one feature would make it perfect - a break/resume button, so you wouldn't have to keep calculating the duration of breaks.
could new entries work so that when adding,  the entry panel does not immediately close upon new entry,  but stays open so you can add details such as tags,  location,  client and start mileage? Currently,  you create new entry,  then have to re-open it to add details.
Just wondering, would it be possible to add a pause button, so I can press this at the start and end of a break and then the time is added to the break field?

Please add a "paid" box for each job so we can run report on unpaid gigs.
also a "Pay period date range" feature to keep track of different clients payroll calendar. 

I often have several projects running simultaneously during the day with multiple interruptions. I need to setup the activities and quickly bounce back and forth between them or pause for breaks. Right now I don't see a way to quickly start and stop an activity or to quickly clone an existing activity with it knowing the new start time and date.

- When you start a new “pjtEntry” it would be nice to write in some letter so you don’t have to scroll from “A” to “Z” every time you want to start a timelogg, perhaps it could be a memory so if you logg in for an example to costumer “steve” the register remember it so it will start om “steve” next time also.??
- Could it be possible to get a new square where I can write traveltime? We always clock in at the costumer and add the traveltime after the work had be done. It would be enough with one square where you put “hours:minutes” outright (instead of start and stop). 
- The “break (min)” square is very good but could you change it so you but hour and minutes instead of just minutes, if you have 1 hour an 55minutes break at one costumer you have to translate it in your mind every time, it´s ok but when I export it to me excel document I have to split in to hours and minutes at every costumer and it is very boring.. 
- Sometime I have the same customers but different location at different work, could it be possible to show even location on the “startside” in same place where projektname is shown at startside I meen? It would be helpful when you look for an special work in the list.

Add Google drive back up

I would like to pause my timer recording rather than just say at end how long a break I had.

I love your app but would be nice to able to track hours by employee. Also on the project screen if it could be broken down in sections by project. 

Could you increase the choices of the start day of the week. The pay week for the company I work for is wednesday to the next tuesday. 

It would be great if you could allow customized headings/categories of project client and task. For example I would like to have patient rather than client...
I'd like some options on how to control notifications. Playing a sound and vibrating the phone constantly gets rather annoying. 

1. When manually entering hours please make the hours marked so when typing it will overwrite the current text. when finishing entering two digits it will automaticly jump to minutes and there it will be the same.
2. Make it possible to make a shorcut to the Calendar. I would like to put an icon that will lead straight to the calendar at my homescreen.

when entering working hours make it jump to minutes right after I enter two digits at the hours area so I won't have to click minutes then delete then write.

special cost type: the maximum cost for a task. It means in the begining the cost is based on the money per hour rate, but I can define a maximum price, it means that the cost can't exceed the maximum price although the time defines higher price.

I'd like to be able to set the week to begin on any day so that I can see my info in sync with the pay period. Also some sort of pay period sorting, i.e. 2 week outlook, 1st & 15th, monthly, etc. Paycheck estimate, Benefits deduction, Income tax calculator? That would be amazingly next level

please create an option for overtime!!!

Add a button in the Start Time dialog labeled NOW that automatically fills in the current time. 

Please add a field where we can add earned tips.

Feature suggestion: Some time managers offer a switch function that allows the current timer to end simultaneously with a new timer starting. It can expedite the process of moving from one timer to a new one.

No display on notification bar

How do you edit start and end day of the week. For example my week start on Friday and ends on Thursday
Also a rate box for time & half which start at the 41st hour , for example hour rate is
$8.00 from 1st hour to 40th hour. The 41st is $12
1. When editing a record, it would be great if clicking "Save" would save the record and bring me to the main screen. Maybe have that as a configuration option in the Settings area.
2. On the main screen you display the time.  Maybe Time/Mileage/Expense totals

I wish an integration between Clients list and android contacts list

I would like to suggest an enhancement.  I work as a consultant and I am paid both an hourly base and a commission percent of the client billable rate.  It would be nice to have the app take the base rate and have the calculated amt for by base salary along with the comission amt calc on pct of base, with a total combined.  

It would be great to be able to create new clients and new projects from the quick entry screen

1. have a panel listing some/all/starred projects so that just tapping on project's name starts the timer. tap again stop the timer. tapping an other project while one is active, stop the timer for the active ones and start the timer for the last tapped.
2. I need a report able to summarize activities and time at project level so that I can have a direct reading of time spent daily, weekly, montly or yearly for a project or for all listed projects.

Only thing is that when my trips are over 24 hrs it doesn't calculate my time completely.

it Will be nice if you have the option, to charge customer a flat fee. 
Plz add feature to indicate when job has been paid.
Also add feature to track cash tips.

Does the app have a widget?

Add a feature that will indicate if job has been paid. A simple check box or color code. So we can quickly see what is outstanding.

Is there a Over Time setting for this app.

Is there a way to link the client in the expense list to that client's time entries?  A report that grouped the time & expenses by client would be cool!
Is there a way to have my daily auto export convert to a CVS comma seperated file.

One other consideration would be to have a default start time option. So the clock would start at say 8AM rather than the current time
Tracking your driving distance and time on gps/google maps for online reg on a project or client.

Quick entry for time. Ie total hrs without a start and end time.

paid and outstanding section?
I think most people ingaged any work with multiple clients would find that helpful.
Have you considered the possibility of creating a sister app that would create invoice s that cutoff be printed or emailed?

Multi-level list concept

It would be really nice if I could see the running total when looking at the whole month calendar view.

I charge a fee to my customers, for an amount of hours, when they spend them and pay for more, it would be great if I could archive the services and get the hour / money back to zero, or subtract the ammount from the total, and add a reference, with datetime and amount when the customer pays.

A daily roll up feature would be good, so you, can see daily totals for each project and/or client.

 is it possible in the pro version or even the lite version to have the entire project and possibly even the tag listed in the gray bar? For instance, a project called internal meeting, with client tom Smith, and tag controller, the gray bar only shows internal then tom Smith. The word meeting is missing as is all tags

Please add an import client data from contacts. When I jumping between both, one time TimePunch forgot copied elements. Import data about one chosen client from contacts can save a lot of time.

The only improvements that would help, would be some kind of search feature for clients, such as the first letter of the name

how to make a custom pay period. I would like to be able to have hours for two week period.
Wish I could auto back up to drop box in CVS format.  Or make a PC companion apparently that allows you to open your text files on a PC.  

Can we get fields for expenses, say 4, that allow the expenses to be input right along with the other project info such as mileage and the like?

Any way to customize color(s) of client, project, etc.!?

Please allow for sort based on date and time associated with task (not always created date)

Great program, couple of things that would improve it, carry over odometer from last entry to new call, and total mileage in daily report. 

It needs a way to enter and calculate overtime

How do I change the report week from Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday?

I do have a minor issue to report, however, that being there is an issue with how time punches with a start or end time occuring in the first hour of the day (midnight to 1am) exports to the CSV with a "24" as opposed to a "0" as the hours value. I believe this would be most simply fixed by outputing the hour value modulus 24.

Two things:
Location tagging.
Multiple time entries per entry: I work as a field rep for a survey company. I track my time in the field, at each job (5-15 per day), then track my time in the office for each report. Would be nice to have both time entries in one place

Any chance that there will be a way to delete a whole month's worth of data at once?

How do I remove all data from the application? I have been converting some historical data and importing it, now I have a bunch of duplicate punches. I would like the option, when I am importing ALL from CSV, to also erase all existing data and replace it with the CSV being imported.

Could i use kilometers instead of miles for distance?

On the main page that shows all the punch in/out times, can you add a way to change the colors of the times?
I think it would be much easier to read if I could set clock in time color to green, and clock out time to red.

It would still be helpful to be able to delete all entries older than some given date. For instance, if I want to clean a years worth of data, it will be tedious to do that week by week.

1.Multi Level project.
2.add break time & continue work
3.batch remove someday,we may have some time forget to record times,timepunch can feedback.if in this time i was working or study i call this  "good time",if not,in this time i was twiddle my's thumbs,i called this time is blacktime,
5.add a quick entry with Pomodoro time,one Pomodoro have a 55minutes to work and 5 minutes to break。the minutes we can set what you like.
6.the 4*1 Widget.
7.add a goal to track time, 

Would it be possible to add to the attachment items , a gps location. Link to google maps or whatever

3) possibility to add in database program some personalized column. For example for each time worked I need to record separately the time spent with my client.
With the possibility to add personalized columns I will be able to crate a voice "time spent with client", set the "numeric value" on column propriety, have the field in every record and have the sum of hours spent with a client in the report of a project.
4) possibility to have "and" and "or" option in the search function.

I really need a way to remove entries that I have already billed or add a tag that they are billed without modifying each entry one by one.

One suggestion is to link quick tasks with Google tasks eventually. Focus on any big issues now big eventually that could be a great add. Well done on time tracking implementation. One other possible add which may or may not be worth it IX a colleague category. This would allow you to track who your working with on acitivities, not just who your billing. Just a thought it would be easily done in a template screen then later the add task screen

Would you consider putting better identifiers against phone #s.
Ie. Work,home,cell. I have to guess who I'm calling.

do you know the Pomodoro time management? i think that it's a good idea to put it into the time punch.
in time punch,we can set a project like time period,we can set such as 45min,and when the time pass, the time punch can remind us, and it also can record it

I work commission it would be nice to a percentage and whole option next rate.

Time selection and display does not follow 24hr preference. 
Reminder screen has some problem in time picker.

How can I delete a prior month's log entries once I export them without having to delete them each individually?
Also, is there a way to re-sort the entries in reverse chronological order ( most recent entries on top)?

However, it would be closer to perfect if I could enter my total hours worked manually (enter 8 hours instead of 9am to 5pm)

I would like to be able to sort clients alphabetically. With a leave list of clients it is very difficult to quickly find the one I want.

I just want to point out that it would be great if multiple days entries would be handled corectly because it is not rare that i work (and track time) through midnight. For now negative time entry is generated (for example -22:35).