Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

. Fixed storage access permission bug for Android Marshmallow

. Fixed bug in Date and Time format screen 

. Source code migration for Marshmallow
. Changed ColorChooser
. Changed the bottom layout of Project/Client View

. Fixed bug in backup scheduler

. Material Design
. Fixed Google Drive Upload problem 400 error.
(If you still see problem, re-signin to Google)

. Fixed bug in Google spreadsheet sync
. Upgraded backup and restore module
. Added Admin tools in Settings screen

. Added more time format option for spreadsheet import.

. Disabled text size settings.
. Fixed TimePicker dialog for small screen devices

. Upgraded TimePicker dialog

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler

. Upgraded Date and Time picker dialog
. Upgraded backup module (Max. no of backups, Latest database image copy)
. Upgraded Google integration module

. Fixed Force Close in Search screen

. Added multi-select for entry list screen and task/expense list
. Some design change in project/client list screen

. Fixed bug in calendar sync for over night entry
. Added menu option for shortcut button setting in main screen
. Revised the program logic for the attached image handling 
. Added duplication option for task items
. Added "Add" button in tag assignment/selection dialog

. Added attachment feature for project and client
. Bug fixes
    - Period shift in Report and export screen
    - Sort problem in main screen.

. Added calendar view for project and client

. Fixed bug in export file (no project, client name)
. Fixed bug in notification 
. Revised main icon for high resolution tablet.

. Added attachment info in export file
. Changed the start notification sticky
. Fixed task and expense list refresh bug
. Revised Background color setting screen.
. Reduce the package file size
. Revised the filter module in Entry calendar, Entry of the week screen.

. Added option to re-generate thumbnail for attached images
. Added to set distance unit (mile/kilometer)
. Fixed bug in thumnail generation

. Fixed bug in Online backup & restore
. Fixed bug in Multimedia content attachment

. Added new Google upload feature.
. Fixed bug in thumbnail management

. Bug fix for period shift in Entries of the week screen
. Bug fix for Time and Date dialog in JellyBean

. Revise online backup settings
. Added add & menu icons in screen headers
. Added Week tabs in Entries of the week screen.
. Some bug fixes

. Added setting option for time duration display format
. Added setting option for start day of week
. Added multiple entry processing delete screen
. Added multiple entry processing update screen
. Minor change in screen design
. Fixed time display 24:00 > 00:00
. Fixed bug in expense list

. Added some more help documentations
. Fixed Google calendar sync problem in ICS
. Added reminder in Task list

. Added online backup and image sync feature
. Added more quick entry option in shortcut button area 
(1) Quick Entry with Project and (2) Quick Entry with Template
. Some screen design revision.
. Added entry delete menu in "Entry of the week" screen.

. Fixed time calculation for overnight work.
. Added time rounding rule setting.
. Added feature to trigger notification when time recording starts
. Added Context menu to the attachments.
. Fixed some bugs

. Fixed some screen design inconsistency.
. Change the logic to manage attached images.
(All the attached images are duplicated and locally managed in TimePunchPro/photo folder)

. Fixed Google Calendar sync problem
. Revise the title bar design of preference screens
. Revise the backup log module
. Added currency customization setting
. Added entry filter for Entry calendar screen.
. Added week number show/hide setting for entry calendar screen.
. Added simple mileage input
(If user enter certain mileage in mileage-to field, the number will be recognized as driven mileage)

. Fixes tab background problem in Project screen
. Minor bug fixes

. Fixed FC due to Calendar Read permission
. Corrected dialog window titles.
. Improve the performance of list screen

. Added Google calendar sync
. Added Google docs upload feature