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1. How to import data from Google Docs?

Sample data

> Sample spreadsheet 1
> Sample spreadsheet 2


Step 1) New spreadsheet

Go to and click on "Create new" 

Step 2) Header

Create header line in the first row with the titles of each column. Available column titles are as follows.





Please make sure to use only the titles listed above. If a column is not properly titled, all the values in the column will be ignored.

Step 3) Rows

Enter the entries from the second row.

Each row will become one entry and Texts in each columns are imported to corresponding fields.

When entering the data, please make sure the following data format requirements.

1. Date format
All the date values should be in "YYYY-MM-DD" format.
(i.e. 2011-12-31, 2012-02-28, ..)

2. Time format
All the time values should be in 24 hour "HH:MM" format.
(i.e. 23:59, 15:00, 09:30...)

3. Match the prject, client or tag
The value in "entryProject", "entryClient" and "entryTag" should match to the existing ones in Time Punch. Otherwise, new prject, client and tags will be created.

In case, the project column is left blank, the entry will be imported into "Imported" project by default.

Step 4) Save

Save the spreadsheet by clicking the "save" button. Before leaving the screen, please make sure in which worksheet the entries are saved. You can find the worksheet name at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Now, your job is done in Google. Let's go to Time Punch and start the import. 

Step 5) Import setting

"Import" options are located in Time Punch Main > MENU > Settings > Import & Export.

Step 5) Import screen

Go to Google Spreadsheets import screen and press the "Sign in" button. 

Step 6) Sign in

Enter Google account email and Password and press "Sign in" button.

Then you will see the list of Spreadsheets in your account. 

Step 7) Spreadsheets

Press the spreadsheet you just created. 

Now you can see the list of worksheets in the Spreadsheet. 

Step 8) Worksheets

Press the worksheet you saved your entries. Then you will see your entries. 

Step 9) Import

You can import either (1) individual items or (2) all entries. "Import All" Button will import all the entries at once. For individual items, press on the entry item and select "Import" button.


If you have some problem, please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. :^)