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TimePunch is an easy-to-use time recording app that helps you organize all your ideas and time information in your phone.  TimePunch lets you record start end end time of task, add notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice, etc ....

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Android market listing

Application features

Manage time record
. by Project
. by Client
. by Tags

Generate report
. by month
. by week
. by custom period
. by project
. by client
. by tags

Import & Export
. from SD card 
. from Google Docs
. to SD card
. to Email/Text
. to Google Docs
. Google Calendar Sync

. screen colors
. text size
. text colors

Data safety
. Passcode lock
. Scheduled backup

And many more
. Reminder 
. image attachment
. simple task list
. simple expense list